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Chuck Billo — Head Instructor

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Welcome to the Shotokan Karate Tora Dojo.


Shotokan Karate is a traditional martial art.

Practicing Shotokan gives many benefits, including discipline, strength, co-ordination, concentration, stamina, and self-confidence.  Scientific research proves that there is a significant difference in the GPA of athletes vs. non-athletes.


Our head instructor, Chuck Billo, lived in Japan for three years. He attended classes at the dojo in Beppu town, and learned a great deal from Koishi Sensei. He brought back the shorter, more direct, stronger and faster techniques seen all over Oita.


Our dojo also emphasizes a complete fighting ability, including throws, falls, and practical self-defense in  real-life situations.

For additional understanding, weapons training is taught when students reach Brown Belt.  The most basic weapon  - the stick - is introduced to beginners.


You will find more detailed information on the following pages about our Dojo, Shotokan Karate, and the Beppu dojo in Japan.  We will be adding more information in the future, so come back and see us again!

Shotokan Karate Tora Dojo

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